Pixie Room

The baby room, where it all begins! Babies explore the world around them and they engage in lots of activities provided to support their senses and bodies.


Our carpeted area provides a soft environment for the babies to crawl, roll and wiggle, whilst the messy play is separated from the soft furnishing area. There are baby changing facilities within the room and a food prep area to ensure the children are being supervised at all times. The baby room has a small outdoor area to allow them to use their whole bodies and develop gross motor skills.  They may also get out in the community for a walk and some fresh air.

Imp Room

The toddler room is a spacious room; it consists of 2 parts to the Imp room. The large room is set in to the 7 areas of learning. This allows the children to progress in their development and skills in all areas. We provide a safe and stimulating environment for the 2-3 year olds to become their own little learners. At Little Imp we plan weekly to support the children’s interests. The toddlers engage in a Yoga session to help improve balance, strength and focus.   The other half of the room is used for snack times and meal times, where children are developing their own independence in feeding and drinking by themselves. The Imp room have their own toilets and nappy changing facilities within the room, which encourages children’s self-care. 

Elf Room

We use the same principle in the Pre-School as in our Imp room to enable us to provide a wide range of activities to support the children’s interests, and to develop their learning at their own pace. This allows the staff to plan the children’s individual next steps. The pre-school is very spacious and has free flow in to garden area. All children are allocated their own coat peg to develop independence on arrival to pre-school. We prepare our children ready for the big adventure to school. They have a balanced routine and have more responsibility throughout the day to help prepare for their next journey.


In the Pre-School, we are enthusiastic about letters and sounds and our children take part in daily letters and sounds at group times. We encourage letter formation with all children.

Sensory Room

There is an exciting sensory room on the first floor of the building.  The children love to explore it regularly in small groups. The equipment provided encourages children to investigate using all of their senses and includes scented bags, glow up toys, light up water tubes, and soothing music.

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